Results for H1 2019  August 15, 2019   Read report   Conference call reply  |  transcript

Results for H1 2019
August 15, 2019

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Conference call reply | transcript

Investor relations

Zealand maintains an active approach to IR in order to provide transparency into our business and our activities. An open and transparent communication is the best way to maintain the confidence of our shareholders, and we achieve this through company announcements, investor meetings, company presentations, our company website and social media.

In line with the disclosure requirements for companies listed on NASDAQ Copenhagen as well as having American Depositary Shares representing Zealand shares Trading on Nasdaq Global Select Market in New York, Zealand issues announcements to inform of relevant news relating the company and its business activities. Further, we issue investor news on a frequent basis and hold conference calls in order to reach investors effectively. We also attend and present at investor conferences and one-to-one meetings in both the Europe and the U.S., we also travel to the main financial cities frequently to meet with investors.

We are committed to providing reliable and transparent information about our business, development programs and scientific results in a clear and timely manner.

We encourage investors, analysts and other external stakeholders to contact us with any questions or other inquiries relating to Zealand. Please find our IR Policy here.

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Investor Contact

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